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Easily Avoided Problems of Electric Gates

Easily Avoided Problems of Electric Gates
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Installing an electric gate has always been a complex process because it is automated and has gate remote program. If you recently installed a new gate on your property, you are not only required to have a thorough understanding on its parts and how it works, but you should also have to know how to maintain the safety of the system. For property owners, there are number of options to choose from in terms of materials and designs. But no matter how varied the designs and materials are, there are easily avoided problems that must be addressed. The lists below are the easily avoided problems. These are useful before, during and after problems occur.

The Easily Avoided Problems  

Easily Avoided Problems of Electric GatesFirst easily avoided problem is the function of automation. All electric gates are automated, and need to be operable manually to operate easily. This is so important in the cases of emergency or power outages. When your gate was not installed correctly, adding automation does not cure the problems. It must work even without automation. Second easily avoided problem is the sloped designs. Most of the time, fitting swing gates on slopes cause problems if not installed correctly. If you own this type, you should understand that it requires additional equipment and strict monitoring and maintenance so as not to injure people.

Third easily avoided problem goes to the installation. Make sure that the equipment used for installation is strong enough to carry the size and weight of the gates. If they are not installed correctly, do not attempt to fix it by yourself, because it will either void the warranty, or damage it further. Therefore, quality new gate installation is a must. The fourth easily avoided problem is the underground water and motors. These drives are designed to be “underground”, and NOT underwater. Therefore, suitable drainage system must be installed correctly in the first place.  

In conclusion

When installing electric gates, there are too many potential dangers to consider including cutting, crushing, shearing, and dragging hazards. To prevent these from occurring, we at the gate repair Puyallup know the safety measures needed and best vehicle detection features to keep you safe from harm and away of legal troubles too. If you want an experienced and knowledgeable professional electric gate contractor to assess your requirements, contact us.  

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